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05 August 2015

Who’s Stealing Millions From Artists???

Reggae powerhouse label VP Records is getting called out once again for shady business . This time the label is being accuse by Mr Vegas for failing to pay him is royalties and stealing millions from other Dancehall and Reggae artists .
Vegas took to his Facebook page to detail VP Records shady business practices and warn other artists not to do business with VP, These type of allegations are nothing new to the label , VP as been accuse over the years of not paying artist and producers what they are owed and under marketing their albums .

Check out what Mr Vegas had to say below.

Today I received an email from my attorney, stating how difficult and expensive it would be, to take the fight further with VP records.
This is my second attorney, that is giving me this news, after spending thousands of dollars in legal fees.
In 1998/99, I signed a publishing agreement with Greensleeves records.
My deal is a 75/25 deal, with the higher portion to me.
VP Records bought Greensleeves records over 5 years ago and since then, it has been nothing but an uphill battle to collect publishing money.
The latest tactic that VP record is using, is, claiming that titles that they own are being administered by other administrator, so they have to hold onto monies owed.

There is nothing in my contract that states that Greensleeves who I signed my deal with, can hold onto any monies owed, if titles are mixed up. VP is only taking this route, because they do not want to pay monies owed to artists.
I have since ask my new admin, Jack Russell, to turn over all titles that they are claiming, belongs to them.
That was done, but VP records still has not turned over full payment.
I made a phone call the boss, Chris Chin and told him what was going on, he told me, he would look into it and get back to me.
I am still on the waiting list for over 1 year.
This is a wake up call to all performers, your publishing is your pension, do not let VP records steal it!
The new tactic that they are trying to use, is ridiculous!
Titles get mixed up all the time in our industry (dancehall/reggae).
The producers sometimes label the song with a different title than what the artist gives his publishers, visa versa.
If your publisher see your material out there that no one is administering, they will add that title to your catalog.
If another admin comes forward and can prove that, the title is a part of their deal, then it is turned over.
This should not give any publishers or administrators any right to hold onto performers money.
VP records has held onto millions of dollars in royalties from dancehall/reggae artists.
They do not pay artists royalties.
Their claims are, they pay the producers for the materials they are selling, with artists likeness and images.
They can do this, because they are PROTECTED by our own music law in Jamaica, that states, “The Producers that provides the tapes owns the masters…” giving the artists no rights to the masters.
When VP records bought Greensleeves, they knew most of the Dancehall/Reggae artists had publishing contracts with Greensleeves Rec.

They knew they have been getting away with NOT paying artists royalties on sales of records for years, so why not get a hold on artists publishing as well.
They knew that in order to take them to court, to get your money or your titles back, you would need to do that in a UK Court and most artists do not have the resources to put up a good fight.
I can’t tell you where to take your business, but with dancehall/reggae music out of Jamaica not selling and shows are drying up, you may want to think hard before giving your business to VP records.
I use to get all my money that was due, before VP bought Greensleeves, now they hold onto monies owed and send a small percentage, for me to keep quite.
It is time to come together artists, and writers!
Let’s get what is due to us NOW.

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