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15 March 2015

The First American Artist To Perform In Kurdistan , Iraq

We All know that Nelly loves his fans , and will go ANYWERE to prove that. Well Nelly took the stage over in Erbil , Iraq (March 13th) and became the First American Artist to perform in Kurdistan, Iraq.
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The Concert reportedly raised support for the embattled Kurds in the Northern Iraq and Syria area who have been fighting ISIS.
A mission statement on the organization’s Facebook notes Rwagna works “to assist the most vulnerable of the populace in Kurdistan ,Iraq and in the greater community.”
What Rwanga’s Foundation Director of PR and Media had to say about Nelly on the organisations website.
“We are delighted and proud that the city of Erbil hosted this landmark charity concert and would like to thank Nelly for his involvement,” Taban Shoresh, Rwanga Foundation’s Director of PR and Media, said in a statement on the organisation’s website. “The event was here to celebrate the people of this city, promote peace, and a chance to raise money for the millions of people who have been affected by the ongoing conflict.”
Nelly Performed tracks such as “Hey Porsche ” , “Just a Dream” and “Dilemma” From His Catalog.
The Hip Hop Community Needs To Pat Itself On The Back And Give Nelly Around Of Applause.

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