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26 November 2016

R.I.P To Former president of Cuba Fidel Castro…

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The dictator had ruled Cuba from 1959 to 2008, and is one of the most known leaders around the world.

Castro has been a controversial figure in the history of the United States. Incidents such as the Bay of Pigs saga, and the Cuban Missile Crisis are a few run-ins that at one time deteriorated relationship between the two nations.

Although many did not agree with the communist style of leadership he had given the country of Cuba free healthcare and education along with his revolutionist style. Bad relations with the United States also left much of the country behind on many advancements.

Since leaving in 2008 due to health issues, Castro has since handed off the reigns to his brother Raúl. He wasn’t seen much since then other than the occasional editorial or rare appearance.

Cuba and the United States opened up relations once again in 2015.

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