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19 June 2015

Meet Karl Morrison, The Producer, Musician, Music Teacher, Vocalist And Engineer.

In an ever evolving business such as the Jamaican music industry, in order to succeed one must boast musical dynamism and versatility. Karl Morrison although not yet a Jamaican household name has a few accolades under his belt that many belonging to the fraternity would envy. Producer, musician, music teacher, background vocalist, engineer, and singer a true entertainer, Karl Morrison exudes his musical prowess in myriad of ways in order to keep himself relevant and carve his niche in the entertainment market.

“I have never done anything but music,” Karl divulges that from the age of sixteen when he was in high school he started doing cabaret singing in hotels on the North coast as a member of a quartet who named themselves ‘Solid Harmony’ (SH1). “Music has always been how I provide for myself, it is how I sent myself through school.” Karl Morrison quickly learned that singing alone was not sufficient to cater to his financial needs and eventually with help from Theophilus Edwards an elder at St. Peter and Paul Church which he attended learned how to play the keyboard.

After finishing high school he was hired as a music teacher at St. Peter and Paul Preparatory, which helped with him achieving his dream of attending The Edna Manley College of the Visual Arts to study Classical Piano. His academic success led to him gaining a scholarship to attend Talladega College in Alabama but due to having to undergo a medical procedure had to forfeit his attendance.

At present Karl Morrison as the Producer has been the title that has gained him the most popularity within the musical field. Known for producing such international hits as Busy Signal’s ‘One More Night’, ‘Night Shift’, co-producing Gyptian’s ‘Mama don’t Cry’ and ‘School Girl’, George Nook’s ‘Broken Vessel’, Junior Kelly’s ‘Ease my Pain’, Ryan Mark’s ‘Word of Prayer’, T.O.K’s ‘Cry no More’ and composes popular dancehall riddim such as ‘National Pride’ with Ding Dong, Charly Blacks and Kiprich and of course composed the track for Sean Paul’s ‘Hold my Hand’ on the Trinity album.

Being a Producer was never the original plan as Karl started out singing on his own then transitioned to back ground singing for such musical greats as: John Holt, Ken Booth, Gyptian, Richie Stephens, George Nooks, Turbulence amongst others. Karl admits that he started producing when he realised that most renowned Producers would not voice young artistes, so he learned the art of producing and voiced himself. Ironically most of his success came through Producing and singing seemed to be put on hold for a while.

Now Karl Morrison is ready and revving to focus on being Karl Morrison the singing sensation as most of the persons he has worked with that are aware of his vocal talent motivates him daily to pursue being an artiste. “I am ready to add my vocal talent to the forefront of the Jamaican industry.”

No doubt with his soothing and contagious singing voice, coupled with his charisma and musical knowledge Karl Morrison owner of the Starplayer Label will be one of the names adding to Jamaica’s musical repertoire internationally.

His new album is released on all digital download, Karl Morrison “Better Must Come” its definitely one for your collection.

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