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16 July 2015

Meet The Real Storm, Singer & Songwriter

Da Real Storm, a name given to Kelly-Ann Minto, from her lyrical ability presented throughout her life ‘blowing away’ those she sang for.

Storm showed a remarkable love for music from a very tender age stemming from her father’s influence as the owner of the “Touch of Class Band”. It was with such a figure in her life alongside many other life influences that spurred her to develop her unique vocal style. Her talent became more profound when she became a member of her church choir. With such fine talent being tuned from such a young age, the artist has grown to develop a powerful signature sound for herself.

While the talent was realised at such a young age, the artist faced many hardships throughout her life, prolonging the artist career in many ways. Deciding to further her studies in 2001 delayed her dream of becoming a recording artist. While in her new hometown of Baltimore however, the artist found a recording studio and went on to produce her first single “Cellular”. With a solid start to her realised dream she later went on to perform with artist such as Sean Paul, General Pecos & many more prestigious named artist.

While a solid career was set for Storm, hardships came with the passing of her mother Ovril Minto, in March 2011. This lead to the creation of her first debut album ‘Nostalgia’ being dedicated to her mother (being released on her birthday anniversary) with Storm going on to comment saying “Nostalgia is very dear to me as it brings back the essence of the good old days of roots reggae music” as well as the good old days she remembers spending with her mother. From this storm’s musical style underwent change in that it is now of a far more cultural with her soulful melody and lyrical eloquence being signature to her music from then on,

Storm is now currently working on several musical endeavours including “Stay” as part of Team Gorilla Music Ltd. Money Pon Money Riddim alongside various artist on the rhythm. Team Gorilla Music also released her hit singles “Step Pon Dem” on the Akita Rhythm in 2013 and “Naah Lie” on the Silverback Rhythm in 2014. With her other work from other recoding labels such as her hit #2 “Baby I’m Leaving ft Lutan Fyah” in the South Florida Rockdabox chart with recording label Signature Records, it is clear that music is Storm’s passion and has followed her throughout her life. She continues her musical journey to a destination of notoriety for her contribution to the Industry of reggae music.

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