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23 February 2015

Kenya Police woman inappropriate dressing!!

Corporal Linda Okello caused controversy amongst her colleagues for wearing a skirt that was allegedly “too tight.” She was reprimanded by her superiors as a result of her “inappropriate” dressing, because according to them, it violated their dress code.  Some photos of Okello in the skirt were posted on the internet, sparking a media scandal in Kenya.

The corporal has reportedly explained that the skirt was actually part of the official uniform, but she had gained a bit of weight, which made the skirt appear much tighter than it already was.

we have advised the police officer not to wear the skirt again and we have issued her a new set of uniform so that the uniform can depict us decently,” said Okello’s boss, James Mugera.

The “new set of uniform” consists of baggy, tawdry pairs of trousers.

However,  the endowed policewoman isn’t letting the controversy get to her. She was recently spotted on Twitter rocking a hot mini-dress:

This wouldn’t be the first time the issue of police female attire makes headlines in Kenya.
Last year, some policewomen were banned from wearing earrings and lipsticks to work.

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