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12 September 2016

Is it because Sting is around the corner?

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Two of Jamaica’s dancehall artists have been engaged in a lyrical showdown since the start of the summer, with fans asking what started the feud? There is no actual definitive answer to the question. Mavado and Popcaan became friends thanks to Snoop Dogg, collaborating with the two dancehall stars on his reggae debut single “Lighters Up”. Popcaan originally did a verse for the song but Snoop later asked for Mavado to be on the track as well. So when his team asked Popcaan if he still wanted to be on the track with the Gullyside singer, he accepted. “Popcaan write a verse for Snoop and in the long run I got a call saying Mavado will be on it and how I feel if I would still do it and I said yes because it good for the music,” Popcaan said during an interview. Fast forward to 2014, both collaborated again on the Hotskull deejay’s single ‘Everything Nice (Remix)’. Mavado even appeared in the music video for the original version of the single. So what happened since 2014 that caused both artists to become enemies, Or is it because Sting is around the corner? Let us know your thoughts below:

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