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15 May 2015

I Don’t Want 2pac Bullet Removed From My Skull….Huh?

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We can all say we have 2pac’s albums and posters, but only Suge Knight can say he has a bullet intended for Pac dogged right in his head. Back in ’96, Suge was driving the car on the Vegas strip when Tupac was gunned down in the car. One of the bullets that was intended for Tupac’s head grazed Suge instead, leaving a big ol’ bullet in his head. For whatever odd reason, Suge never wanted to get the bullet removed from his skull. The thing is, now that he’s cooped up in a jail cell for probably the rest of his life, he keeps on passing out and doctors want to know why. However, every time they do an MRI, the bullet keeps affecting the machine and it interferes. According to Suge’s attorney Matthew Fletcher, he feels that if the doctors start toying with his head and try to take the bullet out, he’ll be in an even worse state than he already is.

I guess it’s kind of cool to say you have a bullet intended for Tupac lodged deep into your skull but like, I believe there comes a time some things need to go. This, my friend is a prime example.

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