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19 June 2019

Got your tickets yet? #ReggaeSumfest 

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With Reggae Sumfest one month away, CEO Josef Bogdanovich, who always has something new up his sleeve, has rolled out a set of ultra luxe US$600 per night tickets, and they are still available. At approximately J$77,000, this falls in the big league of ticket prices for a concert in the island. But Bogdanovich says it’s all about demand.

“They became necessary because of the demand. The patrons demanded more and we gave them the cabanas and they are all sold out,” he told The STAR. The weekend cabanas were on offer for US$9,500 for a group of 10. The Downsound Entertainment CEO added: “Patrons are still demanding more and we had to be more creative.”

All takers of this US$600 Gold Lux lounge will get an exclusive private food and bar service, combined with excellent viewing.
“It will be the place to be. The food will be first class,” Bogdanovich added.

He pointed out that the rush for tickets, coupled with the demand for higher priced exclusive tickets translates into the festival finally coming of age.

“This year, it is a festival rather than a concert. People realise that it is a privilege to buy a ticket. You can’t get any for free, simply because there are none,” the businessman pointed out.

An enthusiastic Bogdanovich says Reggae Sumfest will be “an exhilarating, beautiful experience”, from the moment patrons step inside the venue. I feel good about this production. It will be hard to copy. They try to copy us, which is good,” he said.

Promotions for Reggae Sumfest kick in now and as the promotional wheels turn, one area of focus is the environment. “We want to raise awareness as it relates to the use of plastics and environmental consciousness,” Bogdanovich stated.

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