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09 February 2015

Chronixx Speaks His Mind recently at the Bob Marley 70th concert!

Reggae artiste Chronixx delivered a spiritual performance recently at the Bob Marley 70th concert dubbed The Legacy Continues, hosted at the Bob Marley Museum, 56 Hope Road, Kingston 6. However, the sometimes-controversial artiste did not end his set before ruffling a few feathers, as he opened up about why he rarely performed in Jamaica. He also voiced his thoughts on land taxes.

According to the artiste, who released a single called Capture Land in 2014, in which he chastised those responsible for the slave trade and land taxation, “African descendants should not have to pay land taxesto live in Jamaica, when Africa possesses land in abundance, which the slaves were forced to leave behind,” he said during his performance.

“Mi nuh want nuh land from unno. Mi nah buy nuh land. Mi a capture piece yah sah. Mi nuh like how unno tek wi from Africa and come put us on this little piece of land. Africa has the most land in the world, and then now dem a call wi squatters … but yu bright,” the singer said, before delivering the single to a welcoming audience.

Chronixx also had the audience’s full attention at another point during his performance, when he revealed that he did not perform in Jamaica on a regular basis because he did not feel comfortable charging Jamaicans for his performances.

“I don’t perform in Jamaica often because I don’t like charge Jamaican people. Mi nuh like see dem a charge di people to attend shows, because mi nuh wah extort people for the same music wey dem create and support. At the end of the day, a few years ago, these promoters didn’t want me on their shows anyway. So I rather don’t perform in Jamaica,” the artiste said.

Chronixx also announced that he would be executing his first tour of Jamaica this year.

Other notable performances at the event came from No-Maddz, who received strong responses from patrons for their unique and energetic display, while Iba MaHr and up-and-coming reggae act Runkus also made an impact on the audience.

Hosted by Debbie Bissoon, The Legacy Continues pulled out thousands of patrons and was attended by several politicians, as well as Bob Marley’s children.


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