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17 February 2015

Assassin aka Agent Sasco second collaboration with major hip-hop artist.

Grammy winning rapper Kendrick Lamar has teamed up with dancehall reggae superstar, Assassin aka Agent Sasco, to record a new song. The song is called “The Blacker the berry” and was released this past Monday.

This is Assassin’s second collaboration with a major hip-hop artist as in 2013, he collaborated with Kanye West on the rapper’s album “Yeezus”. Assassin explained that this collaboration was made possible by Jamaican born, Canadian rapper Kardinal Offishall.

“Kardinal Offishall was instrumental. The producer Boi-1Da wanted some Jamaican flavour and he asked Kardinal and my name came up. They sent me a sample of the vibe they were going for and I wrote something for the demo I got. It is great and I am always happy to represent the music and the culture. It is on a greater platform and a different audience. Hopefully, people will get some exposure to dancehall and hopefully we can win them over. We stay working and it is good to put in the work and have projects like this come up and you are rewarded like this.” Assassin told 18 KARAT REGGAE.

While he did not say if there will be additional work with Kendrick Lamar in the future, Assassin remains optimistic.

“It is early days and we have a lot on the table. I welcome the opportunity to work with anybody who is willing to collaborate once we are on the same page. I am just really grateful,” Assassin said.


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