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15 May 2015

50 Cents Ruled Out Of Robbery

There was a robbery the night of the Mayweather vs Pacquaio fight in Las Vegas, and 50 was supposedly apart of it but was ruled not to be a suspect.

It was reported that on May 10th owner Robert Marin of LAX Jewelry Co. says he was robbed by two members of 50 cents entourage. They took a diamond flooded Rolex and a diamond encrusted Cuban link chain and were worth 250,000. Marin traveled to Vegas so that he can meet with 50 and sell him some jewels. After meeting with 50 in a nightclub Marin was then invited to Mayweather’s boxing gym. He stated that when he arrived at the gym he was pistol whipped and robbed for the jewelry and that the guys who had robbed him quickly fled after the encounter. There after Marin filed a robbery report with LVPD. 50’s lawyer Scott Leemon sent out a statement immediately after denying all allegations against his client. saying:

“On behalf of 50, I can adamantly deny that he or his security had anything to do with these baseless and false allegations.”

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