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17 January 2015

Radio host James O’Brien kept it 100%

When a man called British radio show LBC last weekend to say he believes terrorism is the responsibility of all muslims, host James O’Brien took great offense

The caller’s argument- that all muslims are to blame for crimes committed by other muslims- was severely put to the test when the host pointed out that the caller’s name is Richard, as was the infamous 2001 shoe-bomber. “Should you apologize for his crimes because you share a name?” The host asks. The caller says this analogy is ‘ridiculous’, but is it?

The host goes on to point out that his previous caller was a muslim who was in Berkshire, England, when the Paris attacks happened; why should he apologize for something that he played no part in? Shouldn’t Richard also apologize if that is the logic we are applying? In the end, the host definitely wins the argument, while the caller is left looking like an idiot.

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