Mr D. Thompson

06 February 2015

A hard-working entrepreneur that believe in the reality of his dreams.

By now you probably realise you have discovered a very special website. Behind this site thrives an innovative, original and fresh radio station that will be run by dozens of hosts with an passion for radio.

TGM Radio is the brainchild of Mr D Thompson, A man that “entered the industry at 13”. The small words of a once ambitious teen have now become far more to what they once were as he’s successfully flourished into a London entrepreneur who set out to realise his lifelong dream in an industry that has standardised on big-name hosts and celebrities. Having gone through a troubling life, presenting an illegitimate radio station with no true highlighted moment throughout his life, it’s safe to say from small beginnings, this has been the man’s greatest feat yet.
The idea of delivering radio over the Internet led Mr Thompson to envision a new and different kind of a radio station, one that would offer its listeners a variety of original programs with great entertainment value. What he had in mind, however, was a mainstream Radio station to create a community of people loving all genres of music.
All new hosts are encouraged to produce their own material and play however they want. This will create relaxed, creative environment that bring hosts together and lead to shared effort.
At TGM Radio Our programs will be of the highest quality. We’ll find you the best radio hosts for our station, so that what you’re listening to always sounds good. TGM Radio programming will have the best music (past and present), the latest hits from charts local and international, news and local traffic & weather.
Our aim from creating such a radio is to share music everyone will enjoy with the community of people we hope to establish. Give hosts the freedom, and opportunity to express their diverse voices through radio. Create contemporary sound and music and promote it to new audiences. 
TGM Radio welcomes you on board and urge you to get ready for a musical journey.

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